Levi Davis Tumwizere

Project Developer

Levi Davis Tumwizere is a Project Developer whose expertise helps grow Red Rocket’s renewable energy portfolio. In his role, Levi engages with different stakeholders to secure opportunities, and provides support for bid preparation in the development phase of our projects.

Working as part of the solar team, Levi liaises with landowners and sees to the required project documentation, and works with other departments to ensure that all bid deliverables are communicated with all parties. As a Project Developer who’s driven by results, Levi enjoys driving solutions in the renewable energy industry and being involved in the beginning of the journey of our projects.

Levi has a BCom in Economics and Management Sciences, an Honours in Transport Economics and Logistics, and a qualification in Managing New Power Markets and Regulation in Africa. He also regularly keeps himself ahead of the game with short courses that sharpen his skills.