A Day to Highlight the Importance of Wind Energy

A Day to Highlight the Importance of Wind Energy

Vuyolwethu Matiwane, affectionately known as Vuyo, has always been driven by a passion to create a positive impact, and working as Red Rocket’s Lead Wind Engineer places her in a position to do exactly that.

For Vuyo, Global Wind Day is a day to celebrate wind energy, to raise awareness, as well as highlight its benefits and importance as an energy source, and the role it plays in mitigating climate change.

“My role is crucial for several reasons, but I think working in renewable energy in general makes us all a part of something big. We play a role in combating climate change, solving the energy crisis and leaving a positive impact in the communities where we work; that sounds pretty special to me!”

Among the things making her role meaningful has been her career journey, which includes highlights such as having studied her Master’s in Wind Energy in Denmark. While that might tickle the wanderlust in many of us, the reason was closer to her heart. “I actually just wanted to pursue a Master’s in renewable energy which wasn’t research-based, as I prefer classroom learning and wanted to learn about the different aspect of wind energy.

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“I had a difficult experience finding one at the time until I came across the DTU (Technical University of Denmark) Wind Master Programme and found the curriculum exciting and in line with what I wanted to learn more about! The institution is one of the world’s largest research centres for wind energy and energy systems, so I figured there’s no better place to learn about wind energy,” she said.

Some of the biggest challenges she sees hindering the roll-out of wind energy include grid-capacity constraints, noting that the rate at which the transmission infrastructure is being built doesn’t match up with our renewable energy goals.

“This is something that needs to be given the most urgent attention to ensure a transition to a more sustainable energy future,” she said.

“The future of wind energy holds great potential for addressing the country’s energy needs. I hope that we can overcome the current challenges, continue to invest and build more wind farms leaving a positive impact in their wake!”

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