Roggeveld Bursary Programme Opens Doors of Success

Roggeveld Bursary Programme Opens Doors of Success

The world is Anastacia van Wyk’s oyster after graduating from college, thanks to the Roggeveld Bursary Programme.

At Red Rocket, we proudly affirm our commitment to initiatives that add value to the lives of the individuals in the communities where we operate. Anastacia is just one of our latest success stories from our initiatives which aim to educate, build, and uplift others so that we can leave a legacy of empowered communities.

Access to tertiary education can be challenging for young people living in rural areas. To respond to this great need, Roggeveld Wind Farm launched its bursary programme in 2022 to provide local community members with access to quality tertiary education.

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The Roggeveld Bursary Programme offers its students holistic support including tuition, accommodation, stationery, stipends, and books. Furthermore, support interventions include addressing academic and psychosocial challenges faced by the beneficiaries, fostering a supportive environment and allowing them to perform optimally.

Anastacia, from Sutherland, recently graduated with a Bachelor Social Work from Hugenote College: Wellington. She is one of eight students who benefited from our bursary programme that aims to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in higher education.

Anastacia embarked on her studies in 2020 and got to benefit from the Roggeveld Bursary Programme for two years (2022-2023), graduating in 2023. Her dedication and hard work have paved the way for her to find employment at Iki-Gai Therapeutic and Development Agency.

Well done, Anastacia, we are so proud of your achievement!

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