Ashleigh von der Heyden

E&S Manager

Ashleigh von der Heyden is Red Rocket’s E&S Manager in the Sustainable Investments team. She brings a wealth of experience marked by roles taking charge of sustainable practices.

In her role, she ensures that all the due diligence steps are followed with regards to the social and physical contexts where our projects take shape, managing permitting requirements and all authorisations aimed at mitigating risk – from project site screening to construction and operation.

Before joining Red Rocket, Ashleigh headed teams between Johannesburg and Cape Town in the renewable energy, and the oil and gas industries, within the disciplines of sustainability and project management. She took care of the organisations’ obligations, ensuring they were practicing according to their environmental and sustainability guidelines.

Ashleigh holds a BSc (Honours) in Conservation and Ecology, and has plans to study towards her Master’s.