Leandra Badenhorst

Performance & Monitoring Coordinator

Leandra Badenhorst, our Performance and Monitoring Analyst, is a data-driven professional with a background in IT. With extensive experience in data analysis, SCADA operations, and more, Leandra’s role in the O&M team ensures efficient project performance.

Leandra’s journey with our organisation started in 2013 – working on our Kathu Solar project since its construction before transitioning to the Red Rocket headquarters in 2023. In her role, Leandra is responsible for carrying out the performance and monitoring functions of our renewable energy assets, which includes implementing assessment procedures, troubleshooting issues and handling reporting mandates to ensure the full and optimal running of the facilities.

Her expertise contributes to the optimisation and success of our operations. She holds a BSc (Honours) in Information Technology and has her future sights set on exploring studies in Electrical Engineering.